Ready to go…

Well, after months of preparation and two babies born in the meantime (yes, they were twins), the crowdfunding campaign is ready to go. Follow the link to check out project details and rewards for donations. 31 days to raise the $1250 needed to get the book into your hands!

Momentum gathering – and some exciting news

This week has seen lots of progress for The Swelling Year. I’ve finished selecting the poems and the first draft has been through its first check-over by another pair of eyes. I’ve also started the process with Lulu, the publisher I’ve chosen, and done the initial set-up of the crowdfunding campaign at Pozible. Lots of action!

Most excitingly, I’ve teed up a collaboration with my highly talented artist friend Robert Kingdom, who designed the banner for this site. Robert will be contributing some of his artwork to the project, and I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on what this will involve. In the meantime, here’s a sample of his work. Go and check out more at his website. And stay tuned for the next update!



Thanks for visiting!

This is the home page for my forthcoming book project, “The Swelling Year: Poems for Holy and Ordinary Days”.

The book will gather together poems written over the last six years, coming out of a growing interest in the ancient seasons of the church’s liturgical year and how these can shape our devotional lives.

These poems began with my “Swelling Year” project, back in 2012, when I started writing my way through each day of the Anglican church calendar. After I came full cycle through the year, I decided to keep going – not every day, but regularly revisiting the seasons of the year and the people, events, stories and themes that the calendar remembers.

At the start of 2019, I decided it was time to bring together the best of these six years of “writing liturgically”, and this site will be the place for updates on the project, including the launch (coming soon…!) of a crowdfunding campaign to get the book into people’s hands, on their devices and on their bookshelves. Please hit “Follow” and subscribe here if you want to know more, and spread the word to others who you think will be interested.

Meanwhile, you can find regular pieces of my writing at my home blog, The Consolations of Writing.

I hope to see you all here again soon!